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6 Ways to Energize Your Workday

Balancing work life and personal life (whether that is hobbies, family, vacation, etc.) is invaluable in your work performance. Without a way to recover, our bodies become fatigued physically, emotionally, and mentally. But how can you recover if you don't have time or money for a vacation?

Daily rituals during the workday can help energize you and increase your peak performance. 

What are some healthy workday habits?

1. Stock a snack drawer each week of organic, low-sugar bars, nuts, and fruits. Take a 10 minute break to stand up, get a glass of water, and enjoy the snack while listening to some music or talking to a coworker about something other than work.

2. Call a family member or close friend and catch up for 10 minutes, but be sure not to bother your coworkers.

3. If your employer allows it, go for a 10-20 minute walk outside.

4. Bring a book or magazine or find a funny blog to read for 10 minutes.

5. Go to your local coffee shop to buy a cup of coffee and bring a pad of paper to write down some creative thoughts.

6. If you have room in your workspace, bring a large exercise ball and replace that as your chair for a brief time during your work day. 

While these habits help during the workday, other habits such as waking up early some mornings for a workout, writing a to-do list every morning, and eating a healthy breakfast can also help energize you to get through each work day. While it may seem like a good idea to stock up on coffee when you are feeling drained, some studies have shown that too much caffeine in a day can actually have the opposite effect of adding stress and quirks in perception.

Most importantly, you should listen to what your body feels throughout each day and make sure to drink plenty of water and sleep a decent amount each night. Pushing through each day until you are completely drained will actually make you less productive both personally and as part of your workplace team.

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